My Wedding Professional is your best wedding decision

Enjoying a worry-free wedding and concentrate on celebrating your big day, our “On Day Package” provides comprehensive services, supported with an experienced wedding consultant who works with you to create an extraordinary custom idea of your wedding.

My Wedding Solution strives for perfection and focuses on every little detail.


Bridal Makeup

We create the most exquisite bridal makeup for brides with unique natural feature that works in harmony with your personality and style.

Photography & Videography

The filming team that specialize in capturing every aspect of your big day, both big moments and also tiny expressions, with precise angle and composition to preserve those precious memories.

Wedding Gown & Evening Dress

My Wedding Professional provides over a hundred premium wedding gowns and evening dress with delicate details and recommendations given by experts in wedding attire for a wonderful bridal style.

Same day highlight video edit

Little pieces of true romantic memory are recorded and edited immediately, with background music plugged in, to share the joy of marriage with your beloved friends and families.